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by Mako

submitted May 21st 2010

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think i'll save this for later
7 years ago
Her asshole looked sealed shut.
7 years ago
What the hell does that mean?
Does yours gape or something?
7 years ago
she is fucking yummy
7 years ago
there are only three things i liked about her... she has a cute face... shes pale... and 16:13
7 years ago
Four hands?
7 years ago
yup haha
7 years ago
That's creepy.
7 years ago
Kinda makes me think about a young Mariska Hargitay would look like.
7 years ago
I'd give my right nut to bang this bitch, now if i can only find it in the medical bag it was thrown in after it torted itself back in '03.....
7 years ago
^ When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.
7 years ago
http://muchosucko.com/74879/Stoya Yup, you're welcome.
6 years ago
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