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I think he'll be shitting in several directions for a while.


by Magawd

submitted May 21st 2010

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hehe...the kids call this "pwned"
8 years ago
Hahaha i always hope for this to happen
8 years ago
haha, what a retard i hope he broke his pelvis
8 years ago
That tailbone off the curb is going to hurt for quite a few days son.
8 years ago
In soviet russia, curb stomps you.
8 years ago
Fortunately, Costco sells caskets.
8 years ago
HAHA..."did he make it?"
8 years ago
"uh... no where near"

Comedy gold
8 years ago
Now he knows what its like to be a 10 year old boy in a catholic choir.
8 years ago
helmet on, safety first..
8 years ago
What, no slow-mo?
8 years ago
I know how he feels, I fell on my tailbone last year and I could hardly walk for a week.
8 years ago
tailbone injures suck
8 years ago
All right....arm...think were done!
8 years ago
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