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Super Mario Parkour



by Steven_Seagull

submitted May 19th 2010

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they could of at least wore cooler clothes
8 years ago
still way better then that monkey.
8 years ago
Why would someone want to ware cool clothes while doing Parkour?
8 years ago
*could have



I know, I know..
8 years ago
dont know ryoga, yours are super cool.
8 years ago
parkour is fucking dumb, everything you see people do was planned out war ahead of time they arent just running around jumping off shit. thats why its fucking useless and the practical application is precisely dick +/-20
8 years ago
According to some, this wouldn't actually be parkour, since parkour is supposed to be about getting from point A to point B in the fastest, most direct route possible.
8 years ago
I'd rather see them fucking up.
8 years ago
Hey guys, how can we ruin our leg joints as quickly as possible? Running? Too slow! I know! Lets do parkour!
8 years ago
Fer a bird ur not so bad
8 years ago
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