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freak anima-a-ha-als.


by TwoBit

submitted May 14th 2010

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muchoworthynot muchoworthy
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really twobit?
8 years ago
i think hes cute but i dont think hes gonna live.... not with that attitude he isnt
8 years ago
That kid's got the morbidity of life figured early! Props to his 'rents.
8 years ago
We are all freaks in our own way.

For instance, I was born with a third leg.
8 years ago
I know how you feel, I was born with a freakishly large penis.
8 years ago
and a freakish ability to utter worn-out, unfunny jokes
8 years ago
While you have your incredible ability to be a boring ass-hat.
8 years ago
i'm trying to reply to all of last nights vids (for some obscure reason that i'm sure i'll sort out eventually) but i really have nothing to say about this one, honest
8 years ago
That two-legged dog was badass.
8 years ago
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