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Asians love their rape


They REALLY love that rape


by smamwow

submitted May 13th 2010

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They leally do rove their lape.
8 years ago
Asians need a new porn act, the whole rape, yelling in pain, poop/puke thing is way overdone.
8 years ago
squealing asian girls can stay.
8 years ago
she's hot enough, i'd rape her.
8 years ago
7 years ago
Anyone else creeped out by the way he sticks his tongue out when going in for the kiss?

Not a very smart rapist, though.
8 years ago
i knew it was mucho worthy when he lick kisses her face at the end
8 years ago
theyre creeps.
7 years ago
it's cool!!!
8 years ago
why is it that asian women never shave down there?!!!
8 years ago
hair = grace. asian bitches are all about their grace.
8 years ago
Its is after all, like saying "Hello"
8 years ago
Hi now yell like a slut as i rape u ...and no neighbors? wtf?
8 years ago
yeah that and creampies, fuckin chinks.
7 years ago
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