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Whats The Difference


Between your 1st year of marriage and your 40th year of marriage.


by toolman961

submitted May 9th 2010

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haha thats funny. that just goes to show you that even 60+ year olds find dutch ovens funny
8 years ago
8 years ago
My ex-girlfriend dutch ovened me once... I retaliated by puking on the covers and sleeping on the couch.. I left her to clean up the mess.
8 years ago
I suppose that's when she became your ex?
8 years ago
Actually, not very long after... I never thought of her the same after that...
8 years ago
I'll support any commercial with titties in it.
8 years ago
the titties aren't actually from a commercial.
8 years ago
Marriage ruins people. If you see a chick over 35 that's still attractive the odds are she's single and any guy over 35 that's not a fatass wearing jogging pants in public is likely single too.
8 years ago
Little addendum: if she's older & attractive it means she's single and a) didn't have kids or B) Has had kids but has money. And 40 is more the line. I've seen lots of hot 35 y.o. moms. When they hit 40, that's the downfall age. Takes a lot of work to keep it together from there.

On a side note, does anyone think Nina Hartley is hot?
8 years ago
I don't know where you guys are hanging out, but I've seen plenty of hot 35,40,45, and sometimes 50 year old women.

Nina Hartley? mildly, but she's got a weird body.
8 years ago
Well, I meant that they start falling in looks at 40. I agree there are plenty of hot gals near 40. But my point was more that women with kids have a lot more mileage on them than no kids. So if you can afford good treatment people, you'll stay good looking longer. And Wank's kind of a kid, so he doesn't really see past age 35.
8 years ago
What I write requires no addendum.
8 years ago
I say if she's 35+ and not married, she might be a bitch.
8 years ago
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