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Never run with scissors


shove them in your cock


by Heybooger

submitted May 9th 2010

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I hear shoving something in the urethra is a great way to get off. Ill just stick to jamming four fingers in my ass while wearing my mom's panties
8 years ago
Why not just jam those four fingers up your urethra instead?
8 years ago
DahmersDoctor is back.
8 years ago
Did his penis just dry heave?
8 years ago
Is there a clitoris in there that I'm not aware of?
8 years ago
WHAT in the blue fuck.
8 years ago
I've never had a blue fuck. I've had a pink fuck, a brown fuck, and I even once had a red fuck, which I will never repeat ever again. But I have never heard of a blue fuck. Is it fun?
8 years ago
Its when you smash your balls during intercourse
8 years ago
He's been doing that a while... It must be calloused.. Ugh.
8 years ago
Sometimes you have to get in there and and get things flowing. It's like using a butter knife in a ketchup bottle.
8 years ago
This is harder to watch than the abortion video. I can't make it past :24. I surrender mucho, you win.
8 years ago
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