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It's a keeper.

That's gonna look so sweet mounted on the wall!


by Sporty

submitted May 7th 2010

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somebody will be into it indeed.
8 years ago
Incoming, Mako...
8 years ago
Hey, if ya get hooked by a dork like that, it's your own fault. I didn't think the shark looked all that big.
8 years ago
Wacko website: Check
Someone into it: Mako Check
Douche bags afraid to talk dirty around their bitch: Check
8 years ago
faggot that makes check list responses: Check

someone making fun of that guy by responding with his own sarcastic check list: Check

8 years ago
Thanks little black guy I've never heard of before. What do you want some money to buy you're freedom? I'm kidding, being black is like the 8th thing that's wrong with you.
8 years ago
"i'm black?" ( carlton banks voice )
8 years ago
This could be on "one of those Whacko websites"... If only they knew...
8 years ago
I take offense to being a fan of a "whacko" website.
8 years ago
That's why we're on a Mucho website.
Oh, happy mothers day.
8 years ago
Shark is good eating.
8 years ago
Indeed they are...unless they have big brown cocks in their mouths...then not so much probably.
8 years ago
1. so, what exactly is/will be MS v3?...
2. there was/is a v2?
3. will wanko and dkennedys really have to change or die?
8 years ago
1. old man is afraid of change
2. you noob
3. didn't read carefully enough
8 years ago
1. bites
2. dw on the
3. leg
8 years ago
haha, love you too poss
8 years ago
you guys have never gotten a blowjob from a shark? you're missing out
8 years ago
too true mick... i am still looking for my dick though...

i love when they stroke my dick with those teeth... pretty hot shit...
8 years ago
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