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Behind the Music

Steel Panther


by Pudding

submitted May 3rd 2010

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stix zidinia....haha classic
7 years ago
Spinal Tap called. They'd like their script back.
7 years ago
That joke called. And it would like you to know it is still funny.
7 years ago
7 years ago
When you hear it you will shit your dick off!
7 years ago
"What's more important that getting pussy?"

Wise words, indeed.
7 years ago
who the fuck are this guys?
7 years ago
Some shitty fake band that used to be an even shittier cover band.
7 years ago
Fuck you urkel! Turn down the suck knob already..



This shit rocks.. Sure it's mock rock, but whatever...
7 years ago
Suck on my knob.
7 years ago
death to all "butt" metal
7 years ago
well said, bday boy
1 year ago
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