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Soy Jizm

I'm sure that the companies are going to take your idea of calling soy milk, soy jizm quite serious fox "news" anchor lady.


by yak

submitted April 30th 2010

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Only soy Jizm should be injested by the fish that can't swim in the purist of waters. Like in the Gulf.
8 years ago
You know my fellow Americans are going to turn on me don't you. But you don't care about me. It's the fish, and the Penguins, who won tonight, I told you we'd get them bastards Claude, that you only care about.
8 years ago
Sorry Toolman, the Wings will win the cup this year, as it was written.
8 years ago
Canucks all the way BABY!!!!
8 years ago
what the fuck is with fox???

they always find a way to fuck up their whole "conservative" gig. Im going to get that shepard smith video on here... fuck...
8 years ago
youre a failed tired ball of shit
fuck off for a change
8 years ago
This is a local Fox affiliate, not network.
8 years ago
how about mölk?
8 years ago
"soy juice, you can't call it that" is a lewis black joke
8 years ago
Her mind is the right place.
8 years ago
At least she didn't "keep fucking that chicken"
8 years ago
then how would women get their protein?
8 years ago
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