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Slave Leia Carwash

None of them quite as hot as the "real" Leia..


by yak

submitted April 30th 2010

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I know one where they get all oiled up and clean your car naked.
8 years ago
but if they are oiled up, then can they actually get your car cleaned? Plus, wouldn't it be hard to clean your car when you are trying to hogtie them?
8 years ago
This was a charity event G4.


It was hosted by Sarah Jean Underwood, the slutty storm trooper, Google her.

On a side note, this gave me an erection that can cut glass.
8 years ago
i have no need to google sarah jean underwood. i have all the playboys she was in including her pmoy one and i have seen all of the episodes of girls next door she was in as well. she is one of the hottest play mates of all time
8 years ago
8 years ago
Pretty gay photo shoot. They're all wearing shorts
8 years ago
what sad is your face!
and poor hotshit was hoping to see some vader speedo action
8 years ago
all that skin is fine,but my car better be fuckin spotless.
8 years ago
8 years ago
If they provocatively leant over your car they'd scratch your paintwork.
8 years ago
I don't believe I'd be observing this from inside.
8 years ago
One of the colleges does this every summer for some charity shit. If you ask for a lapdance they just pretend like they can't hear you. Fucking sluts.
8 years ago
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