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Ironman Does Dirtydancing

Its almost too perfect.


by yak

submitted April 30th 2010

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muchoworthynot muchoworthy
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well i guess we now know how swayze got cancer, next time iron man should check if hes leaking some petrol
8 years ago
Shows what you know. Ironman is battery powered.
8 years ago
Quite possibly the gayest movie ever.
8 years ago
a close second to Flashdance
8 years ago
Ironman fucking rocks you faggots. i cant wait for the 2nd film
8 years ago
yeah, what foofs said.
8 years ago
I believe JT meant Dirty Dancing, noobs. And for the record, Top Gun is the gayest movie ever.
8 years ago
i'm gonna have to call fake. i just can't believe tony stark is gay.
8 years ago
lol! paused?
8 years ago
nobody puts tony in a corner
8 years ago
meh, i can do a much better robot.
8 years ago
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