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Those silly Japs

There's got to be an easier way to win money on a game show.


by Mako

submitted April 21st 2010

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Fuck That!!!
8 years ago
Go eat a seagull
8 years ago
I love the jap game shows.
8 years ago
Four Japanese men,
Pass various animals,
Through a tender kiss.
8 years ago
i tempt your tummy
the taste of nuts & honey
wont you grab a spoon?
8 years ago
Clenching with disgust,
At the mere thought of your face,
Vomit inducing.
8 years ago
Delicious whiskey,
Finest of all the spirits,
A drunken haiku.
8 years ago
Retarded haikus,
pointless, meaningless, spammy.
Fuck all you fuckers
8 years ago
8 years ago
"Behold the circle
No beginning no ending
Not unlike the sea"
8 years ago
^won a 7th grade poetry contest with that gem, back in 1976
8 years ago
Hey man...your walker has a flat tire!
8 years ago
"damn those loudmouth kids and their music"
8 years ago
8 years ago
Japan is so fucked up that to them, this shit is a crime drama.
8 years ago
..What? :/
8 years ago
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