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Look it's Shatner


The first guy just HAS to be him


by ragedemonz

submitted April 20th 2010

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Its a shame they dont do this kind of stuff in america :(
8 years ago
I spotted two kids in that video, if this was in America those parents would've sued for a really high amount like $10 million and probably would've won.
8 years ago
Guy @ 1:01 looks like Christopher Lloyd...
8 years ago
nice plastic tits
8 years ago
Real tits.
8 years ago
Who cares? They looked good and none of us are gonna touch them.
8 years ago
Denny Crane !
8 years ago
Maybe? Uncanny resemblance, and why does he take his hat and glasses off?
8 years ago
I love those sledgehammer things 'cause I got real good at chopping wood a few years back and now I can fucking smash those fuckers better than the big muscle men that are trying to show off. You just have to hit the thing really solid, like don't aim at the target but aim below the tager, and also hit it on the edge closest to you and you'll get that stupid bell to ring.
8 years ago
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