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Hog Watch with Joe Rogan

Some kid admiring Joe Rogan's schlong in the locker room. Which one of you was it? Fess up.


by xzekiel

submitted April 17th 2010

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8 years ago
i agree.they went from rolling around with each other to showing and staring at cocks.
8 years ago
Rogan steals jokes from Mucho, fuck you faggot.
8 years ago
He did visit here.

Fuck you Rogan!

I don't really have a problem with you, but it's what we do. FUCK YOU!
8 years ago
steals jokes from ms? umm yeah ok...
8 years ago
PH just has the hots for Mencia.
8 years ago
it dosent even look like joe rogan anymore. he actually looks like a man. like fucking carrot top hes beefed up.
8 years ago
that hog watcher is you isn't it?
8 years ago
clearly it is being black and all.
8 years ago
If you grow a beard in 2010, and aren't working on an Antarctic research station, or hunting bears in the Yukon, you are gay.
8 years ago
Shaving is for fags.
8 years ago
8 years ago
Wow that's great they added music and pig sounds so I can't understand the dialogue, making this video entirely worthless instead of just shitty.
8 years ago
8 years ago
I lift weights, 23 ounces at a time. You should see my muscle.
8 years ago
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