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Russian Landmine

Russian man picking up his newspaper, gets his leg blown off by suprise landmine.


by Wrinkled

submitted April 16th 2010

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In Russia, landmine step on YOU.
8 years ago
*ships off to boston
8 years ago
*to find his wooden leg.
8 years ago
Hey! Whats that funny lookin thing under here?
8 years ago
thats fucked up...

people did that kinda stuff here in the US with pipebombs... killed a 3year old girl...

8 years ago
killing a kid not funny. killing an old fucker funny as hell
8 years ago
The kid probably deserved it.
8 years ago
damn vomit... your right...

i mean if she was sitting in the back of a van and a random pice of shapnel scrambled her brains...

she was asking for it...

just like women ask to be raped (im serious)
8 years ago
annual russian easter landmine hunt. winners get a free 2 week vacation from work
8 years ago
I wonder what he did to deserve that kind of revenge.
8 years ago
For a man that's had his leg blown off by a landmine, he managed to stagger away quite well.

Also, 'suprise' landmine? Does that really need qualifying?
8 years ago
aw man, video doesnt work!!
8 years ago
reboot, hoggie, and try again...i had the same prob earlier...
8 years ago
ok, worked finally, 5th times the charm i guess!
8 years ago
yayy for hoggie!
8 years ago
Bet he had to shop forEVER to find a legtop computer.
8 years ago
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