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Cunilingus 101

Twobit I like your personality, you're so sweet and I love your family


by xzekiel

submitted April 10th 2010

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I'd lick Twobits butthole.
7 years ago
I eat at the Chinese Buffet all the time.
7 years ago
How do i slow dance with a Cuban lady? Is there a procedure, or a technique to follow? Please get back to me.
7 years ago
Tell her that Castro is watching and he thinks she's trying to escape.
7 years ago
And don't ever let her go to the club.
7 years ago
If you skip ahead it's much fucking better.
7 years ago
i swear i saw this guy at home depot two or three days ago
7 years ago
"i think I'm turning my shirt on"...LOL.
7 years ago
HAHAHA... "Tell a woman that you love her family... and that will get her really really hot."

7 years ago
like he knows anything about women? It's like asking a fat guy for tips on dieting!
7 years ago
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