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As small as it gets is big enough


Lee Przybylowicz and his micropenis!


by Anonymous

submitted April 9th 2010

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As small as it gets is big enough
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And if you'll look out of the left window folks, you'll see the gaywad known as beezy. He is seen here with his mom's thong on. Please do not take any pictures as you may spook the homo. Thank you for traveling Sporty International...please come agin!
8 years ago
beezy? or mike beez?

whoops, never mind
8 years ago
they all gay
8 years ago
There are no 'peanuts' on this ride?
8 years ago
dumbeez loves to try on his mom's dirty skid marked panties while he is doing the laundry. the only bad part about living in his mom's basement is having to hear his mom getting railed every night by whatever guy(s) she finds wondering the streets after dark
8 years ago
*waits for pussy gaycock to come along a day or two later and tell me how unfunny i am then run away again*
8 years ago
you're unfunny.

*runs away*
8 years ago
there, i saved you 2 days....
8 years ago
and there you have it ladies and gentlemen
8 years ago
1 day...


youre unfunny...
8 years ago
growing balls or something? someday you might have the courage to face me in current comments again and take another verbal beating

*strolls off humming tune to 'someday never comes'*
8 years ago
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