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Cherry Bomb

15-year-old Dakota Fanning as Cherie Currie in The Runaways. With Kristen Stewart as Joan Jett

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by DoubleC

submitted April 5th 2010

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heres to hopin she grows some titties and a whole lot of ass in the next 3 years
8 years ago
i know seriously.. thats her only problem.. ill settle for a c cup
8 years ago
i'd settle for her to just be fuckin' naked right in front of me!
8 years ago
This movie sucks.
8 years ago
I liked it
8 years ago
That doesn't change the fact.
8 years ago
Looks like Dakota Fanning's now on my list of chicks I'll never fuck, but would go to prison for if I could.
8 years ago
Gay, I'm not watching a second of this SHIT unless theres a nude seen.
8 years ago
Niiiice....looks our little girl Dakota's cherry's been bombed with some DNA by some lucky tatoo ridden loser...fappable film gets 2 dongs up....
8 years ago
I'm suprised. Dakotah Fanning actually sings that song. Its a good version.
8 years ago
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