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Road to Amadillo

Some very bored troops in what looks like Iraq have some fun. It's so stupid it's funny.

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by mucholderguy

submitted June 7th 2005

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fuck off yankhater, you're giving the rest of us brits a bad image. uk kids are a bunch of fat cunts nowadays too & if you're gonna slag off the spelling, at least get your own right, you fuckwit.

i can only apologise for the utter stupidity of my so-called countryman. we aren't all like that, although i have to agree on the whole "will & grace" and "king of queens" comment by blood thirsty.

equez - fuck off & get cancer
12 years ago
oh btw blood thirsty, peter kay didn't cover it, he's used the song a few times & eventually tony christie re-recorded it.
12 years ago
girl goes to the doctor's & says, "every time i go for a piss, i can hear "is this the way to amarillo" coming from between my legs"

"don't worry" says the doctor, "every cunt's been singing it lately"
12 years ago
Awwww come on now, no need for Great Britain vs. USA. We're good friends now. What we really need to do is to team up and take care of these god damn Canadian son of a bitches. I've had enough of their bitching and moaning..But England is cool. Fuck Canada. Ok I'm leaving...My McDonalds is getting cold, and I haven't driven my SUV in like 5 minutes.
12 years ago
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