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Hey girl ya might want to...

Ah, nevermind.


by Mako

submitted April 2nd 2010

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I've never heard of a 'zorb' before but that looks fun as shit. Funnel a 6 pack and see if you can make it down w/o hurling.
7 years ago
i had a chance to try it out in new zealand but didnt... same with skydiving :(
7 years ago
Way to grab life by the balls.... Get it? Balls?... dududuh ching
7 years ago
lol @ tag
7 years ago
"she is probably used to balls hitting her" has to be the greatest tag ever lol
7 years ago
i got a couple of balls to hit her with
7 years ago
in my pants
7 years ago
action zorb?
7 years ago
who hasn't seen this before?
7 years ago
I saw it when it was last posted here.
7 years ago
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