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MMA vs Taekwondo?

did you see any negros? "Stay The Fuck Back!"


by DevilBlunt1989

submitted April 2nd 2010

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You have to love the bystander who wants to get involved to look cool. How many times does he need to say stay back as if there's trouble if you don't. Should've put his ass on the ground too.
8 years ago
40 shots to the face & none of his pussy friends prevent him from getting brain damaged
8 years ago
i'll just go ahead and play into the stereotype by saying i would have kicked that guy in the back of the head.... thats just me tho
8 years ago
haha, how are ya Tyrone?
8 years ago
I'm great. The cookies in prison aren't so bad
8 years ago
taekwondo is only good if you are attacked by rogue pine lumber or ceiling tiles :/
8 years ago
hey sexy fish, i missed you...
8 years ago
oh, and lmao@ your comment
8 years ago
Ummm..That sounds like Seth Rogen!
8 years ago
Hey, watch the back of the head or Ill be forced to take a point.
8 years ago
I'd fuck them both up, at the same time. Would utilise my Origami blackbelt and turn them both into paper hats.
8 years ago
What a pussy, "i'm just video taping."

He should've gotten his friends back and possibly saved half his brain cells.
6 years ago
sealbasher style > any other style
6 years ago
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