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Doug Stanhope

On Freedom


by BetterThanYou

submitted April 1st 2010

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Too bad the intro's kinda gay.
8 years ago
too bad you're extremely gay
8 years ago
nevermind it's not too bad go fuck yourself
8 years ago
I'm sorry. I didn't know how important the intro to this was to you.
8 years ago
I'd like to submit a bill before Congress that taxes opinions, it'd only be like two or three cents to express yours, and your donation would help the poor (through educational programs) to express theirs in a more articulate and concise manner.

I've excluded myself from said taxation, as I am a Politician, whose opinions are beyond reproach and law. Also, if you oppose my bill, you are a heartless asshole.

*pats self on back for helping those less fortunate
8 years ago
shut the FUCK up, your opinion is worthless
8 years ago
WOOHOO! I just made three cents!

Keep 'em comin' boys!
8 years ago
I've never heard this guy *not* make sense.
8 years ago
I hear Roland not make sense just about everytime he speaks..^^^
8 years ago
he's just telling you exactly what you want to hear
8 years ago
I saw this guy at a club in Lafayette, he's hilarious.
8 years ago
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