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What did you learn in jail?


she did learn a lot..


by naggo

submitted April 1st 2010

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Absolutely fantastic.
7 years ago
old, ugly and a used up vag
7 years ago
Just what God intended it for
7 years ago
I'd tap it.. For sure... A woman that slutty is always good to have around.
7 years ago
Coldplay made me wanna slit my wrists tho
7 years ago
she kinda looks like she could be that blonde girl's mom from icarly which sorta makes this hot, otherwise toilet brushes are a turn off
7 years ago
and i know i have seen this before. i don't know or care if its a mucho repost or not
7 years ago
It is
7 years ago
Good Roto Rooter commercial footage....
7 years ago
ouch, ouch, ouch....
7 years ago
so fresh and so clean clean
7 years ago
QUESTION:what can youre dick do against that?
7 years ago
that depends...does your dick have wire brushes
7 years ago
recover password
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