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Happy dog

Everybody likes sausage!


by brownwings

submitted March 31st 2010

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Happy dog
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and it smells like...victory
8 years ago
Wow, 4chan garbage.
8 years ago
^ wow, 4chan garbage
8 years ago
now THIS is funny... just saw Cryass listed as one of the "users online"

look, but dont post, you fag

*moons cryax*
8 years ago
8 years ago
Someone help me with why there is marijuana leaves with rainbow colors in this?
8 years ago
cuz its all psychodelelic and stuff?
8 years ago
what the fuck does that have to do with jesus and sausage?
8 years ago
nothing jim, nothing at all...

ps - 1979 - i awoke in the cold light of dawn, naked and amused, i made a pact with the spiders and the ants and crickets...so they let me sleep in
8 years ago
Fuck, possum, you post some cryptic shit sometimes.. were you addressing Kirk, or channeling Morrison?
8 years ago
'cause it's time to legalize...haven't you heard? its on the ballot in california this year!!! don't act like you ain't down
8 years ago
roland, just channeling acid trip #1...and by the way - the first Cars album met me outside of the speakers, shook my hand, and gave me a bottle of strawberry hill...
8 years ago
Sorry for harshin' on your gig, dude... just curious.

And since were throwing out old weird random musical memories..

"This ain't no party, This ain't no disco,
This ain't no fooling around.
No time for dancing, or lovey dovey,
I ain't got time for that now."

8 years ago
Or original ones written while high as fuck..

Dusk settles
Like an ancient man
In a favorite chair

Lawns bleed green
Burnt flesh scents
Waft from pristine places
Wolves lined up and ready
For another day of corporate war..

Here the dark is soft and long
Crickets sing the standard song..


Clouds hang

Like velvet ropes

Lounging languidly

Leaving town
8 years ago
Hydrocodone, baby!
8 years ago
Yeah, shut up now...
8 years ago
sirtokesalot, you practically live in a make believe state.

You guys elected a fictional character from your favourite movies to be your governor.

He had an easier time fooling you people into thinking he was a credible leader than he did fooling the predator by putting mud onto his face. Gray Davis would have had his head mounted on the predators wall, right?
8 years ago
Now come on oj-
this state was being run by a bigger wimp than almost 10% of england.Mr git2dechoppa was saying all the right things at that point in time.We were sadly mistaken and he is a silly flabby kraut fag.
8 years ago
You can tell by the way I use my walk, I'm a woman's man, no time to talk.
8 years ago
possum's on a roll tonite
8 years ago
You on the other hand...
8 years ago
8 years ago
So now Mako & brownwings are posting pictures from funnyrandompics...which is actually on Mucho.

8 years ago
Maybe we will see some of your classic "pics" reposted from frunnyrandom reposted here?
8 years ago
What are you talking about, Kirky?

Make sense.
8 years ago
Oh, I don't know....maybe this needs to be on funnyrandompics??

8 years ago
Oh, I thought you were accusing me of reposting pictures from funnyrandompics myself.

No problem.
8 years ago
Nah, you wouldn't do that. Much too modest.
8 years ago
Like a fox!
8 years ago
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