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Sicilians were once niggers

Scene from True Romance


by Camycazi

submitted March 29th 2010

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This is one my all time favorites. Walken and Hopper are so fucking funny in this.
8 years ago
8 years ago
Your great great great grandmother fucked a nigger.
You're part eggplant!
8 years ago
it's true...only thing worse than a nigger is a fucking guido
8 years ago
how about a white guy trying to act like one, thats pretty fucking bad / sad as well
8 years ago
yeah because "guido" and "sicilian" are the same
8 years ago
uh-oh, looks like I struck a chord.
BTW: how does one "act like one" on an internet forum? Because of the avatar? Fuck off and and get some WOP cock back in your mouth fuckface
8 years ago
aswesome move and Walken is a fucking god
8 years ago
RIP Dennis. You were a legend.
8 years ago
Whoa, he's not gone yet?
8 years ago
That's a lot of acting horsepower there. Hopper, Walken...-And Gandolfini in the background.
8 years ago
One of my all time favorite movie scenes. Written by Quentin Tarrantino btw.
8 years ago
8 years ago
Based on fact as well. Ah the good old days for the muslims, rape and pillage, rape and pillage....
8 years ago
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