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The Elephant Man of China

Jabba's back, and this time he's got a Chinese accent!


by GimmieAFreshie

submitted March 27th 2010

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If there is a god it apparently is either not loving, or not omnipotent. There is no other explanation.
8 years ago
I take it you look like that too.
8 years ago
may be god has a sense of humor
8 years ago
perhaps "god" is answering a prayer from a failing circus needing better sideshows
8 years ago
Why the long face?
8 years ago
he just doesnt know how to keep his yap shut
8 years ago
when hes standing on the balcony,i for a second thought he had a rifle and was shooting at the people in the street..i wouldnt blame him.
8 years ago
Bet he never gets a second date.
8 years ago
Does your face hang low
Does it wabble to and frow
Can you tie it in a knot
Can you tie it in a bow
Can you throw it over your shoulder
Like a Chinaman named Ho
Does your face Hang Lowwwww
8 years ago
you are fucking mad man,that dude needs help
8 years ago
and wwwwwwwwwwwwwhy wouldn't you kill yourself?
8 years ago
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