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What the hell is going on here?


by smerf

submitted March 26th 2010

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Is that you with the Camera Smerf? I thought you had a different Tartan.
8 years ago
*in the helmet?
8 years ago
Aaaaand that's a five dollar bet to me.

And no, not me. He's too fat and not hairy enough.
8 years ago
*giggles* "Knee pads."
8 years ago
Fucking interposters.

...actually, my response applies to both of you.
8 years ago
Do you make a bet like that every time there is a fat/ginger guy?

That can't be good for your self esteem.
8 years ago
Know, I saw that there was a guy in a skirt, submitted it and made a bet with my roommate that someone would make a kilt comment about me in the first 5 posts.
8 years ago
You sort of stacked the deck though by posting a pic of a dude in a kilt who looks pretty much EXACTLY like you + 20 years.

Other than that, a pretty fair bet..
8 years ago
okay, so i submitted a "the real oj " pic tonight...it really does look a lot like him...hopefully it not a repost, and deja posts it sooner or later
8 years ago
Who you gonna call?
8 years ago
8 years ago
I thought it was a bunch of LARPers in the thumbnail, but it wasn't until I saw the goat that made me think otherwise.
8 years ago
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