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Bouncer uppercuts some little shit.


by DevilBlunt1989

submitted March 24th 2010

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Nice short uppercut
8 years ago
I don't think he can hear you.
8 years ago
ya think? its a fucking video you tard not to mention in russia. how you come up with these stupid fucking comments is way beyond me.
8 years ago
8 years ago
and thats why you never stare at a fat guy with a bluetooth on...
8 years ago
Why would anyone go to a place where you run the risk of being sucker punched by some chickenshit bouncer every few minutes?
8 years ago
We have a much longer vid on here from the same club where the bouncers are just fucking people up left and right.
8 years ago
I thought so too.
8 years ago
Link please! How is it the bouncers don't get fucked up themselves? I mean you coldcock enough people, one of them is bound to come back and:
1. kill one of the bouncers
2: firebomb the place.
8 years ago
There are lots of them & it's in Russia or some such shit hole
8 years ago
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