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Pissmops Desire Moore


Desire Moore gets pissed on. She gets her hair and asshole pissed on, blow bubbles and sits on the piss.


by Barrel2

submitted March 23rd 2010

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"it went down the wrong pipe"? because there is a right pipe for a bunch of random guys to piss into you?
8 years ago
Obviously she thinks so.
8 years ago
she looks like an ex of mine from high school, this pleases me
8 years ago
Might be.
8 years ago
I wouldn't be able to piss on her without laughing.
8 years ago
I didn't watch this but I bet it's totally different than the last fucking 18 videos like this that were all exactly the fucking same shit.
8 years ago
it was, you missed out
8 years ago
it wasn't the same shit. it was all piss, not shit.
8 years ago
I'd wanna get shit faced and eat like ten whoppers so i wake up super hungover, and don't piss all day cuz i'm so dehydrated, then after a half dozen gatorades give her the flourescent orange piss that wreaks of onions... She'd be down... Oh, vitamin b pills too.

Is that weird?
8 years ago
Gotta say, the chick's got talent.
8 years ago