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Pizza Head show

Fuck Steve


by BigDumbHippy

submitted March 14th 2010

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Pizza Hut used to be the shit
8 years ago
Love your avatar...I.A.S.I.P. kicks ass...funniest show on TV
8 years ago
get a room
8 years ago
we already did, we're at a Super 8 sharing the laptop
8 years ago
I will smash you into a jelly
8 years ago
Pizza The Hut's son from Space Balls?
8 years ago
Free Zeke! Free Zeke!
he's slightly less dumberer
than this latest round of noobs
8 years ago
Free Manson!
8 years ago
wow I remember these. Pizza hut used to give away ps1 demos and shit with their pizza and that was fucking awesome
8 years ago
Its dirty rotten steve!
8 years ago
its that guy nobody gives a shit about
8 years ago
I give a shit about him

Suck it, you brooklyn skank
8 years ago
"meet Stevette"

"wait a minute, that's not a girl"

"sure he is" LOL
6 years ago
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