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Put dat bitch in da garbage



by urkelbot

submitted March 5th 2010

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on a cold and grey chicago morn and a poor little baby child is born _ _ _
8 years ago
in the ghetto,
in the ghetto
8 years ago
I think you might be a little premature there Griff. That was obviously a practice run for their birthing process. They've got to practice that sort of thing so it is second nature to them when they are all strung out on coke and the real time comes.
8 years ago
well that's what dem hoes get.
8 years ago
Coulda broke her neck for fucks sake. Its amazing those people make it to adulthood.
8 years ago
well the good thing about them is that most of them end up either in jail or dead by their early 20s
8 years ago
but if she started shooting these little monkeys all of a sudden their faces would be on tv and their parents would be crying talking about how good a person little ray ray was and how he was on his way to college and he had his whole life ahead of him.

fuck em.
8 years ago
I was hoping you could translate for us.
8 years ago
Jar Song...damien dempsey

*falls backwards into bathtub again, listening...
8 years ago
You misspelled Ray-Ray, Morph.
8 years ago
sorry im not black enough
8 years ago
^house nigga scum.
8 years ago
mmm ^we all see what you did there with the Ice Cube reference.
8 years ago
fuck, I was hoping she would fall trying to get out.
8 years ago
two thumbs up!
8 years ago
Reporting black-on-black crime *IS NOT* politically correct. Wait for the Brothers to tell you what really happened.
8 years ago
On the true streets of Family Matters. Where's officer Winslow when you need em?
7 years ago
i woulda wheeled the thing out infront of a speeding truck. that would have added a nice touch to the video.
6 years ago
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