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What do you get when you guzzle down Sweets?


you guyses have to thank urkel for this gem.


by Steven_Seagull

submitted March 4th 2010

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she dove for that midget cock.

"I like that feel of that!" lol
8 years ago
8 years ago
oompa loompa dippety AIDS.
8 years ago
What the fuck? All these shitty porn reposts and my awesome Leonard Cohen poem didn't get posted?

I thought this place was highbrow!?
8 years ago
Highbrow satire doesn't even get past Deja/yak.

Although you can stick your poetry where the sun doesn't shine, brother.
8 years ago

I'd like to write a poem
And one that doesn't rhyme
But it's harder than I realised
I'm failing all the time

I eradicated couplets
All triplets and quatrains
I modified the rhythm
But had to start again!

And then I thought I'd cracked it
And produced non-rhyming verse
But in the end
The thing I'd penned
Was infinitely worse

So I've come to the conclusion
I'm a rhyming man at heart
So I'm going to write a limerick
And see if I can be more successful

^As much as I'd like to take credit for that gem, some dude named Eric Welburn penned it.

Quite clever.
8 years ago
Not bad, although there were a few things I didn't get on account of not liking poetry
8 years ago
I thought only straight men didn't like poetry.
8 years ago
^failed poet
8 years ago

I bet he's never stopped trying though.

Seeing as though he views it as a way to get the guys...
8 years ago
Now I'm depressed. After starting out so good with the girl vs. girl video, now I've come to realization that I've got a oompa loompa sized penis.
8 years ago
wow, thats quite good actually.

or did you mean sized like an oompa loompas penis?
8 years ago
8 years ago
the what?? don't leave us hanging man
8 years ago
reply fail
8 years ago
lol sporty
8 years ago
Why I am not surprised that this is from steve's personal collection of porn material.
8 years ago
read the describie, urkel showed it to me...
8 years ago
Thats what Irish says about his gay porn.

"Not mine, my friends was showing it to me"

"...'cause I'm a massive fag".

"Probably best you just spank my ass...dad"

^All true!
8 years ago
I am at work right now but i can't wait to get home and watch this.
8 years ago
get some fucking work done
8 years ago
I thought you were in charge at Corporation Fake Irish Ltd
8 years ago
You shit at work, don't you?
8 years ago
well that was a right load of shit
8 years ago
you know. i would have watched this without the singing.....
8 years ago
lol its ol shorty from that dog show......lmao
8 years ago
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