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Just being rednecks


by toolman961

submitted March 2nd 2010

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no fake! real!1
7 years ago
Hmmm, there are many laws of physics and tensile strength being "broken" there.
7 years ago
Physics? We don't need no stinking physics!
7 years ago
I'm seeing leg bones being shoved up his arse at light speed.
7 years ago
lol that guy was experiencing more g's there than the playa's ball.
7 years ago
7 years ago
that was clean pop hahahaha
7 years ago
Totally legit. That's how all elevators work in Bangladesh.
7 years ago
7 years ago
ai de pula meaaaaa=))))
7 years ago
i like how they included the parachute
7 years ago
a red neck would never do this by the way...

not sober at least...
7 years ago
i'm glad the redneck expert is here to edjumacate us on redneckism...

actually this involves too much planning for a redneck to piece together and follow through with, not direct and brute enough. also, a redneck wouldn't have a parachute but rather a trampoline or mattress his drunk buddies would fail to get underneath him before he hit the ground.
7 years ago
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