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chopsticks in action

wetten dass..?


by Romeo2000

submitted February 22nd 2010

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now this is talen and i can spot a talent when i see one
8 years ago
This should be some kinda Olympic sport or something...
8 years ago
i was hoping he was going to actually PLAY chopsticks on their tits or something.

i was crestfallen
8 years ago
I'm pretty sure anyone could do that.
8 years ago
8 years ago
Who is the clown in the white suit?
8 years ago
thommi gottschalk.
8 years ago
he meant to say "tommy"
8 years ago
Million $ Trivia question #1. .. William Shatner portrayed a passenger on a jet doomed by a gremlin, on what sci-fi 60's show? If you said The Twilight Zone you're right!!! At the 9:42 mark, you can see Nimoy fluffing him.
8 years ago
*throws tomato*
8 years ago
Am i the only one that thinks Dahmer is actuely funny? Except when he's trying to be a badass internet tough guy.
8 years ago
I would use a fork and a knife like a real man.
8 years ago
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