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I el oh el'd


by urkelbot

submitted February 16th 2010

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ive never watched this show... does he really say "Yyeeeeahhhhh" cause id watch it just for that.
8 years ago
its the beginning of the theme song:


usually the episode opens with him one-lining about the crime scene of the week while taking off/ putting on his sunglasses and then segues into the opening credits, thus underlining the awesomeness of his one-liner with roger daltrey's "YYEEEEEAAAAAAH"

8 years ago
ooh hahaha i get it now.. what a fag i dont want to watch this show anymore... i just want to uppercut him... with all my might.

8 years ago
so, if you punch him with all your might

*puts sunglasses on*

that'd be a special kind of black eye...

8 years ago
I've seen this show.

I hate that guy with every fire of my being.
8 years ago
He's a Ginger. Which means when he masturbates, he's always caught... RED HANDED!

8 years ago
8 years ago
He's a cunt and no mistake
8 years ago
8 years ago
"71218" ...check these guys out

my new fave out-of-tune-nylon-string-guitar-ginger-emofaggot band

and i thought the indigo girls were great...:(
8 years ago
So, if they're emo and use nylong stringed guitars...They're fags.

8 years ago
LMFAO!!!! Oh I was literally rolling on my bed in laughter! Awww I've shed a tear of joy
8 years ago
thanks, starrsky - glad i could cheer you up
8 years ago
Starr, we never hear from you anymore.
8 years ago
..starr, you were actually "before my time" here on MS...all i've ever heard about you is rumor and innuendo...

not that that's a BAD thing...
8 years ago
nice tits
8 years ago
Ahhh...another one of the Haitian child abducter suspects! Case CLOSED!
8 years ago
the smaller picture did it for me
8 years ago
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