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...getting shot by a laser.


by smerf

submitted February 15th 2010

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i need an automated anti-mosquito laser turret.
8 years ago
now do this on a human eyeball at a million frames a second.
8 years ago
And you have LASIK.
8 years ago
is there a fucking point to this ??
8 years ago
It's a warning video to tell mosquitos to stay away from lasers, because they can't read the signs.
8 years ago
this needs to happen to cryax ... the annoying fucking douchebag
8 years ago
Cool.....now someone can burn off my scabee's from a mile away...
8 years ago
what kind of fucking douchebag crapola video is this.... you're a fucking tard smerf!
8 years ago
I liked it, who will post the first jap-scat-laser porn?
8 years ago
Who the fuck is this cock-gobbler? Fuck off, noob.

You can have an opinion when you actually post something, and when we actually care.
8 years ago
That'll teach that little bastard for being alive
8 years ago
I would pay $10k for a portable version of this if it actually killed those little blood-sucking faggots. FUCK YOU TIGER MOSQUITO, as well as your love nest, the Asian ship full of tires. These bastards are fast, take no prisoner types, bite bite bite, then leave you with 30 itchy welts.
8 years ago
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