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You guys go ahead

I don't feel like seeing the Spanish fort today.


by Mako

submitted February 13th 2010

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You guys go ahead
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I live about 30 miles from there....a Mobile Causeway exit, over Mobile Bay, during any nearby hurricane or strong trop storm. Possibly Ivan, Danny, hard to say.
8 years ago
If it's so hard to say then maybe you should shut the fuck up.
8 years ago
O yeah, well why don'tya make me ya little pussy!
8 years ago
"No, we were supposed to turn left at Tsunami Avenue, not Hurricane Lane."

"Give me a break. These sign are all in Spanish."
8 years ago
On second thought, I didn't post that.
8 years ago
When I was a kid, I went to school uphill both ways during a flood... and I LIKED IT!
8 years ago
original thoughts, try them out some time.
8 years ago
Fhgtfdszgnjjuytrewfghj... better stick with the tried 'n' true.
8 years ago
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