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Nice little tune...


Girls fapping to music.


by deepcow

submitted February 12th 2010

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got dibs on the 3rd and forth slut
8 years ago
Dibs on the first and last one.
8 years ago
Bravo, sir. Bravo.
8 years ago
8 years ago
get a new fucking avatar you fucking idiot
8 years ago
I rub my dirty boner, when I watch cnn headline news!
8 years ago
I watch a douchebag like you repeatedly fail on this site.
8 years ago
@Vomitcircus Bio ... Born 3/8/91/ Chicago Illinois, USA enjoys 'Wheel of fortune' reruns , Yahtzee, and paying underage Kenyan-trannies , to yank him bald-headed.
8 years ago

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8 years ago
VC just owned your ass lmaooooooo!!!
8 years ago
I rub my clean boner when I watch the neighbors who watch cnn headline news!
8 years ago
Reply fail!
8 years ago
I like the line "Sausage Wallet", and yes reply fail, but who's counting? Yak maybe?
8 years ago
You should start counting how many times I tell you to shut the fuck up.
8 years ago
That's 3 I think Wanko, but nobody gives a shit.
8 years ago
i concur... sausage wallet ftw
8 years ago
this song sucks as much as the original
8 years ago
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