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Marlee Matlin Sex Tape



by Apathy

submitted February 11th 2010

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that hurt to watch but i couldn't stop, it was too good
8 years ago
how did terrapin pull marlee matlin?
8 years ago
8 years ago
deaf activists suck...some of them tried to start up a "non-audio" community hear in sodak a few years ago...

Deaf folks basically saying "we're somehow better than you, because..."

because what?

i'm sorry i cunt hear you
i've had ear infucktion for sex weeks
and i cunt finger it out
8 years ago
Drugs kill.
8 years ago
butt very slowly, in my case
8 years ago
pass the joint already.
8 years ago
How about deaf people that want their kids to be deaf? Now that's fucked up.

I do have one question, though. How would they know if someone was playing music in their "non-audio community"?
8 years ago
^yup, i've "heard" of that, smerf...

what next, thalomide colonys that cut off there newborn's arms?
8 years ago
^wow, i'm old
8 years ago
Fuckin, hilarious.
8 years ago
fuckin pathetic
8 years ago
haha deaf train that is just wrong
8 years ago
Marlee is far better looking
8 years ago
I guess matlin is some popular deaf bitch?
8 years ago
"Jack Black/Marlee Matlin sex tape" would have been more appropriate.
8 years ago
Heh, mashed potatoes.
8 years ago
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