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Smell like jet fighters and punching


by BigDumbHippy

submitted February 11th 2010

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8 years ago
ads keep getting better and better...
8 years ago
Still needs more boomstick.
8 years ago
old spice will get you laid now i know everything.
8 years ago
the only thing that will get you laid is a trip-wire
8 years ago
*the decapitating laser on resident evil

just remember to turn of the 'cube' setting or you won't have anything left to get lucky with
8 years ago
If I want to smell like an old man I'll piss myself and eat boiled sweets
8 years ago
Don't forget the liniment.
8 years ago
the second commercial is MUCH funnier.

they should have aired that one on the superbowl cause GOd all those commercials sucked this year.

but yeah the one where the clam turns into diamonds and shit that one was pretty good.
8 years ago
Axe is for jr highschool kids, and oldspice is now for highschool losers
8 years ago
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