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Rope Swing

I'll stick to my 12 foot rope over water thank you very much.


by xzekiel

submitted February 4th 2010

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Thats how dik gets to the beer store
8 years ago
Damn, it's been awhile since we've heard that one.
8 years ago
he's gonna land on all kinds of crazy meat eating animals!brain fail
8 years ago
why dont you all suck dik's cock now....
8 years ago
Why dont you learn how to click the reply button properly you fucktard
8 years ago
dik's cock needs to be sucked? where?
8 years ago
dik has a cock? Since when?
8 years ago
i hate when they cut vids short. he probably died falling from those big ass trees
8 years ago
Fast forward to 1:06
8 years ago
Nice job framing your foot directly in the shot ...
8 years ago
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