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ideal woman

a man can only dream,and hope:D


by pulamea

submitted January 26th 2010

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I Muzi Maji Sve Dny
8 years ago
fuck you too
8 years ago
you have to giver her a blow job before she gives you one.
8 years ago
did you thought alot when you said that shit?
8 years ago
what? try again. use some grammar this time.
8 years ago
Almost there, pulamea, almost there...
8 years ago
I'd fuck that hole...back sex ftw
8 years ago
8 years ago
It's nice to know there are some countries where women are the foolish foils in pop culture and advertisment. Reverse the genders and this ad would sell a ton of whatever is being sold in whatever emasculated Western country you care to name.
8 years ago
I didnt understand shiet
8 years ago
BWHAAHAaahaa, that was the best! Just kidding.
8 years ago
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