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I wonder what they did to get THAT

Just something really gross


by oyewiththepoodlesalready88

submitted January 23rd 2010

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I wonder what they did to get THAT
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Looks like a torn muscle surgery. Except this surgeon is clearly taking some "liberties" with the repairs.
8 years ago
thank you very much DR.James T.Lil bitch
8 years ago
Definitely looks like the gastrocnemius (calf) muscle. Usually when you completely tear your achilles tendon, your calf muscle will roll up like a fuckin' window blind and the only way to reattach it is through surgery. Ouchies.
8 years ago
a shortsword or failed attempt at a hamstringing could cause that kinda damage but not many people use those these days, they just shoot you :(
8 years ago
Shortsword? Oh yeah, I'm sure you know what that "injury" looks like from all the cosplay and renaissance festivals you've been too.
8 years ago
OK, all I see here is a "Mini Mummy" standing looking over his leg, am I the only one here to shit bricks?
8 years ago
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