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A high moment for Adam West.

I think he might be drunk. However, I bet this is canon in the Memphisverse.


by abortedjesus

submitted January 18th 2010

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The standards for being a wrestler must have been much lower then.
8 years ago
Actually there about the same + steroids
8 years ago
I accidentally flipped to WWF the other day. Trust me, it's worse than this.
8 years ago
Time to go watch some Adam West Family Guys clips.
8 years ago
Not using your turn signals = proof of being evil.

God fucking damn, I hate driving in the LA area.
8 years ago
Wow. That guy's tie needs about 3 more inches.
8 years ago
Made it to 00:45 then I stopped giving a fuck.
8 years ago
All while talking with a slight lisp.
"I've heard about your box..."
"Spidey baby..."
"...such a naughty, mean person..."

OMFG batman is gay!
8 years ago
Oh no! not true! Batman is real! it's just that this was filmed back in the sixties before you could tell someone on television to "Go get a big black fucking dog up ya Superking!"
8 years ago
...which brings us to "stevies movie tip of the week":


8 years ago
Great clip, probably from 1977. That of course is Jerry "The King" Lawler, the wrestler Andy Kaufman used to "feud" with and they famously appeared on Late Night with David Letterman together in '82.
8 years ago
Neh neh neh neh batman
8 years ago
would christian bale or robert downey jr be allowed to do this now? things were better then. reckless, silly fun. my two cents, keep the change.
8 years ago
The day wrestling turned bad.
8 years ago
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