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Lunch time

fucking awesome....that's all the description you need.


by xzekiel

submitted January 14th 2010

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No fucking clue.
9 years ago
Maybe a chicken that survived it's food prep?
9 years ago
I'm guessing it's bullfrogs. I've had them do that before.
9 years ago
I cleaned up an eel a month or two ago and it kept moving long after I'd cut it's head off.
9 years ago
How about after you put it in your Japanese wife's ass?
9 years ago
Wow, that was really original.
9 years ago
Exupery, Hank clearly doesn't have a wife, otherwise he'd post pics of that for the good of all Muchoers!
9 years ago
Why would I degrade my wife for a bunch of fucking assholes, retards, and weirdos like you?
9 years ago
yup, "Hank's wife" = his right hand.
9 years ago
9 years ago
What the fuck...?
9 years ago
4 years ago
Hmm... Looks kinda good, eventhough it's still moving.
9 years ago
That was fucking awesome~!!!!! I mean it, I'll never wash that image out of my mind.
9 years ago
at first glance i thought it was a baby that was aborted
9 years ago
Just walk it slow past the stove.
9 years ago
I am thinking it's a turtle, any ways they gotta fucking be from Asia.
9 years ago
Thats a pretty good guess. Heads too narrow to be a frog. Maybe thats what a turtle looks like without the shell.
9 years ago
I'm thinking it's the front half of something headless.
9 years ago
lol, noo mah I dont wana go got school today, stop poking me...
8 years ago
maybe some sort of electrical charge is running through the metal plate a bit like they do with frogs legs ?
7 years ago
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