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Dont talk back to Granny

Old lady beats the shit out of some girl.


by DevilBlunt1989

submitted January 13th 2010

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RIP bea arthur
9 years ago
"Gimme back my fucking cabbage roll!"
9 years ago
Just wait 'til granpa gets home
9 years ago
id love to punch that old woman
just once
9 years ago
only in russia haha
9 years ago
thats her daughter she was beathing on caurse she was pissed at some kind of meeting maybe a funeral moms right!!!!!!!
7 years ago
9 years ago
keep off my lawn
9 years ago
Jeez my grandma's back hand was harder than what that old hag can do.
9 years ago
1:15 Granny gives the finger lol.
9 years ago
Is it weird that i got an erection from this?
9 years ago
bljat suka!
8 years ago
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