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the holy condom

makes your dick glow in the dark


by border

submitted January 12th 2010

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the holy condom
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why is that table on the ceiling?
9 years ago
It's on a Vonage commercial
9 years ago
"All of India..."
9 years ago
There's gonna be some pwnage commercials later on. Stay tuned.
9 years ago
A better question: why was this photo taken in a classroom.
9 years ago
The Ejaculate Contraception is, according to Roman Catholic doctrine, the conception of the Virgin Mary not having received any sperm ("spermmacula" in Latin) or original sin from anyone but God.
9 years ago
Every sperm is sacred
Every sperm is great
If a sperm is wasted
God get quite irate...
9 years ago
Didn't you say that the other day?
9 years ago
Nope. Must've been a different asshole.
9 years ago
I see it. Amen.
5 years ago
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