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Hot Babe in the Shower


If I'm not mistaken she's been on this site before


by arctureus

submitted January 4th 2010

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Oh yeah
9 years ago
Out of curiousity does anyone recognize her? She's been on here before. As I recall she got much the same reaction.
9 years ago
shut up yu fucking troll
9 years ago
so no then???
9 years ago
Hottest bitch I've ever seen. Perfect everything. I want to shower with her.
9 years ago
well nutsack,if that were the case,she would have to shower again to get the stink of hurlcaneJEW of her.Think before you type you rapping fatfucker
9 years ago

To hank who will be following behind me to scoop up my turds...you are fixated on my avatar beard cause thats what gets you hot.
9 years ago
Your beard is like velcro for fat, hairy, gay cocks.
9 years ago
Yeah,that was my point,sailor.
9 years ago
And yet, you aren't denying it.
9 years ago
lmao @ Hank
8 years ago
Got me hard.
9 years ago
good to know
9 years ago
I just feel like breaking the glass and bashing her head in with a crowbar. And I dont know why.
9 years ago
Best thing I've seen today.
9 years ago
she could easily be the perfect chick.she got the body.all she needs do is speak only when she's spoken to,and she's golden
9 years ago
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