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Redneck Exercise Video

The stuff your cock has nightmares about


by cheekycov

submitted January 3rd 2010

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muchoworthynot muchoworthy
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Her facial expressions made that pretty amusing.
9 years ago
1:30 Holy Jackboots, Batman! I'm dying.
9 years ago
see that gravy pouring off her?
nice moves orca,5.876 years of this will get you into a size 6
9 years ago
is this a repost?
9 years ago
And youd think she would clean up a bit and wear something nice, shameful.
9 years ago
i thought it was a repost too, but couldn't find a corresponding "pre"post, i guess its cuz fat dancing chicks all look the same.
9 years ago
It's a follow up to a previous post.
9 years ago
lmao what a fat retard hahahaha
9 years ago
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